Visit the High and Get Creative

unnamedThe High Museum of Art in Atlanta is offering many ways to “visit the High” virtually and “get creative at home.”

This week you can learn to draw a birds-eye view of your neighborhood  while learning about artist Nellie Mae Rowe, who depicted her neighborhood in Atlanta several times in her life.

Every Friday at noon, the High offers virtual museum tours. Register for free here.

Print out one of these coloring pages featuring works of art at the High and have recreating the work. Get creative and make yours different than the original.




Embrace Your Creative Side


Recent research shows that cultural activities, such as going to a museum exhibit or creating an art display, increase happiness and satisfaction in life while decreasing depression and anxiety.

Activities that involve being active in the creative process are more beneficial than passive and receptive activities (i.e. watching television).

This week, experiment with a creative activity that interests you–it can be anything from photography or painting to arranging flowers or singing.