Scott Garden Potluck Lunch Featured Local Homesteader Joey Zeigler


Nature abhors a vacuum so put something in the ground or it will. The way Joey sees it, you just test your soil, re-mineralize it, and grow something! Joey Zeigler, a local homesteader shared his views on why he grows food and not just flowers, how good soil is the secret to success, and many other tips. The 2nd knuckle test determines if plants need water, cover crops or green manures hold your plot in the off season, portable chicken coops accomplish not only egg laying, but they spread your compost, add nitrogen to your soil, and eat insects.

At, Joey offers many services to get you on the path to growing your own food, noting of course that it takes half an acre to feed one person for a year. Most of us have less space than that but he can help you either way. He’s innovative in areas like rain barrels and develops solar based solutions to automate some garden tasks we all share.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIn between speaking at the Paideia School and other community centers, Joey popped in for a potluck lunch that occurs monthly at the Decatur Rec Center, home to the Scott Park Garden. To reach him directly about speaking or homestead services, find him on his website or facebook and/or spreading the seed at the Wylde Center in Oakhurst. Http://

The Scott Park Garden is an organic community garden hosted by Decatur Active Living and although the garden is full, there is a waiting list and plots are $25/year. Contact Tracie Sanchez, Adult Program Leader for more info at or 678-553-6559.