Walking & Running Safety Tips

Well, the weather is grim today, but dedicated walkers and runners may brave the conditions to get a workout in. And the dog may still want to go out for a walk around the block. Below are helpful safety tips. For drivers, please remember that it is a state law to have your headlights on while driving in the rain. Some drivers seem to forget this, but it is an important safety behavior for drivers, and pedestrians and cyclists.

• Plan your outing. Always tell someone your routes and where you are going.

• Know where telephones are located along the course. If you have one, take your cell phone with you.

• Wear an identification tag or carry a driver’s license. Include important medical information.

• Wear reflective material.

• Stay alert at all times.

• When possible, run or walk with a partner and/or a dog.

• If you do wear headphones, keep the volume low to medium, and be aware of and listen to your surroundings.

• Exercise in familiar areas and vary your route.

• Run against traffic so you can observe automobiles approaching.

Here is a good online list for running and walking safety: http://www.runtheplanet.com/trainingracing/safety/

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