The Vitality Compass

Created by Blue Zones and the University of Minnesota School of Public Health, the Vitality Compass is an interactive tool based on more than 300 peer-reviewed national health studies. Using your answers to a series of questions, the compass calculates your biological age, life expectancy, Blue Zones years, and extra years of life you could add if you optimize your lifestyle.

Take the compass today to find out your score, then participate in the Vitality Project’s “6 Weeks to Longevity” beginning September 8 to learn how you can add years to your life. You can then retake the Vitality Compass to check your progress at the completion of the six weeks.

Step 1: Take the Vitality Compass

First, you will need to register to become a member of the AARP Online Community. Once you are registered, use your member email address and password to log in to the Vitality Compass.

Once you are logged into the Vitality Compass, you will be asked 36 questions, which take only a few minutes to answer and will never be shared or made public.

When you finish answering the questions, you’ll get four scores in addition to your calendar age.

    • Your biological age calculates your body’s age given your current habits.
    • Your life expectancy indicates how long you’re expected to live.
    • Your Blue Zones years are the number of years you have gained or lost given your current behaviors.
    • Your extra years of life are those you could add if you optimize your lifestyle.

After you have reviewed your scores, click “Save and Continue” under the “Extra Years” box on the far right.

You can then enroll in the Vitality Coach®, which offers personalized emails to help you make healthy changes to your lifestyle.

If you have technical issues with the Vitality Compass or Coach, please call 1-888-OUR-AARP or send an email to for assistance.

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