Safe Kids USA – Top 5 Tips for Safe Holiday Toy Shopping

Top 5 Tips for Safe Holiday Toy Shopping

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Each year, more than 3 billion toys and games are sold in the United States, with 65 percent of these sales occurring between the day after Thanksgiving and the day before Christmas. Learn how to shop safe this holiday season by following these top 5 tips:

  • Before shopping for toys, consider the child’s age, interest and skill level. A fun, but inappropriate toy for a particular child can be dangerous.
  • Keep toys with small parts away from children under age 3. They can choke on small toys and toy parts.
  • Shopping at a second hand shop this holiday season? Check to make sure kids’ products and toys are safe and haven’t been recalled.
  • Bikes or scooters make great holiday gifts. But remember that a helmet is a necessity, not an accessory when it comes to wheeled sports.
  • Consider alternatives to putting children in shopping carts including strollers and carts that have plastic mini-cars or trucks attached to the front or back. If you must use a cart, make sure your child stays seated and is secured by a seat belt.

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