Oakhurst Community Garden Project Membership Drive!

Oakhurst Community Garden Project Membership Drive Update

Thank you to the 120 new or renewing members that have joined since October 1st. Your support makes programs like the one described below possible. Our goal is 300 new/renewing members by December 31st. If you haven’t supported your local community garden yet, please take a moment to do so today: http://www.oakhurstgarden.org/support.html.

What does it mean to be a member of the Oakhurst Community Garden Project? Discounts to our classes (over 80 per year), first notification on special events or sales, and an opportunity to support
both our youth programs and greenspace. Memberships range from $35-$500, check out our website
http://www.oakhurstgarden.org/support.html for membership level details.

Third graders discover that Compost Happens!

Recently, we hosted a “Compost Rots” workshop for third graders from three Decatur schools. The students discussed “do’s and don’ts” of what to add to a compost pile; explored insects that live there; collaborated on a worm compost bin for their classroom; dumped leaves into the bin for next year’s compost; and sifted compost to create a fine addition to any garden bed or potting soil mix.

Next semester’s workshop will include sowing plants from seed and how to plant a Spring garden. In January, our collaboration with the school will be spotlighted at the Decatur School Board meeting.

Your support makes programs like this possible. Every year we interact with over 600 youth. Vegetable gardening, environmental education, eating healthy, and exercising are all part of the fun. Join today!

www.oakhurstgarden.org/support.html http://www.oakhurstgarden.org/


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