Decatur Safe Routes: "Success Stories and Best Practices"

The Safe Routes to School National Partnership under it’s “Success Stories and Best Practices” for Georgia lists Decatur (and only Decatur), for the fine collaboration between the school system and city:
Decatur, Georgia: City and School Collaboration
The SRTS program in Decatur, Georgia has been built by a team that includes parents, volunteers, city staff, city commissioners, school administration, and the school board. Transportation goals identified by the Decatur program are were incorporated into the Community Transportation Plan. The city’s new Active Living Division is taking on much of the program’s managing functions. The program is exploring a partnership with the School Wellness Council to incorporate SRTS into the district’s Wellness Plan.

The Decatur SRTS program has significantly reduced drop-off and afternoon pick-ups at four schools. One elementary school does Walk & Wheel Tuesdays every week. Other programs include: Frequent Walker Clubs, a weekly Bicycle Mechanics Class, bicycle safety training for all 4th graders and pedestrian training for 1-3rd graders.

Gregory White
Assistant Director, Decatur Active Living Department

Fred Boykin
Decatur City Commissioner

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