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Dearborn Park Benefits from Second Annual Park Renewal DayTeams Clear Ivy and Privet, Win Cash Prizes
Teams from local organizations and schools gathered at Dearborn Park in DeKalb County on Nov. 7 to clear weeds and compete for prize money on Park Renewal Day, part of an ongoing effort to rid local parks of invasive plants and debris. By the end of the event, the teams were weary from pulling up ivy and privet, but gained a real sense of accomplishment, community spirit and cash.The prize money, donated by Renewal Design-Build, was awarded to the five highest-scoring teams. The grand prize of $1,000 went to the Midway Woods Neighborhood Association – appropriately named “Ivy League” – while two teams from Decatur High School students won 4th and 5th places. A celebration of food and music from local Decatur band, The Grits, followed the cleanup.And the proof is in the park.
“It’s great to see what the community’s efforts have brought to Dearborn Park,” says Mayor Bill Floyd. “If you haven’t walked through, do so.”
Winning teamsFirst place: Ivy League; Second place: Invasive & Persuasive; Third Place: Team Awesome; Fourth Place: DHS Close-Up Club; Fifth Place: 2013 Bulldogs

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