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Facts, tips, and information on Safe Routes to School:

“Fun. Children enjoy spending time with their friends. When walking in groups, children of different ages can mix and, once established, walking can build team spirit. Many children choose active transportation, such as walking or cycling, if they are given a choice.”

“Safe. Stranger abductions are extremely rare. The more “eyes on the street” the safer it is for everyone. More walkers mean fewer cars and less congestion which again makes it safer for everyone. Cars actually drive slower when there are large numbers of people walking.”

“Friendly. Walking in your neighborhood promotes a sense of community. Explore your neighborhood. Get to know your neighbors. Feel connected. At Soquel Elementary School in Santa Cruz, organizers found that a “Walk and Wave” week, where children waved as a friendly gesture to motorists, had a calming effect on traffic.”

“Good for Your Brain. Being outdoors is an opportunity for fresh air and light. Children’s senses are stimulated which can inspire different thoughts and ideas—a refreshing change from having their attention focused in closed areas.”

April 22 – Earth Day
April 25 – May 3: Safe Kids Week
March 23 – Georgia Rides to the Capitol
May – National Bike Month
May 17-21 – Bicycle Safety Week
October 6 – International Walk to School Day

SRTS News: Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move! Campaign
On February 9th, First Lady Michelle Obama announced her Let’s Move initiative which is designed to solve the problem of childhood obesity in a generation. During her speech at the White House, she spoke about children walking to school and riding bikes. Increasing physical activity is a cornerstone of her initiative, check it out!

Webinar Spotlight: What Does it Take to Get Drivers to Yield? Engineering Measures that Work Tue, Mar 30, 2010 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM EDT

One of the greatest challenges for many schools and neighborhoods is finding the appropriate measures to slow traffic in the areas where pedestrians cross the street. Which devices will be most effective? What are the costs? What are the maintenance requirements? Are there liability issues?

In this 60 minute webinar, engineering experts Charlie Zegeer and Mike Cynecki will share their extensive knowledge and understanding of pedestrian safety and traffic control devices to address these questions. They will discuss innovative devices and the latest research on their effectiveness as well as more standard devices and their appropriate use. To sign-up for this free webinar visit:

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