Recycling at BBQ & Blues Festival

Sean Woodson With Recycling

The BBQ Blues & Bluegrass Festival held on August 21 was a success in more ways than attendance and good weather. Thanks to the great folks at Decatur Public Works who supplied recycling for the event, over 25 bags of recyclables were kept out of the landfill. Pictured at left is Sean Woodson with Decatur’s recycling Trailer. Sean heads up the program for the city. Not only do we keep these items out of the landfill thus avoiding the landfill fees, but Decatur takes in revenue for them as well.

Sean and his crew were also on hand to “tattoo” attendees with the Georgia Recycling Program logo.

Be sure to look for Sean and his trailer at more Decatur events, and drop your plastic, glass or metal containers in the containers.

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  1. Greg White says:

    Awesome work Public Works staff and thanks Cheryl for capturing the picture.

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