Put Some Activity In Your Day

How often do you hear yourself or others say “I don’t have time to exercise”? Here are some ideas to help you put activity (read exercise) into your day.

Walk up or down the stairs instead of taking the elevator.

Park your car at the parking space the farthest from the store. Not only does this give you a little walk break, but reduces the stress of driving around the lot searching for the closest space.

Turn on your favorite dance music while cleaning the house and dance your way through chores.

Get off the couch! If you want to watch TV, sit on the floor and do some stretching or work on toning your abs. Do you have an old exercise bike gathering dust in the garage? Dust it off and take a ride while watching a show.

Keep a pair of comfortable shoes in your desk and take a walk break during lunch.

What other ideas do you have for putting some activity into the day? We would love to hear from you.

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