Bike Lanes Being Installed on Trinity Avenue

Bike Lanes have been installed on Trinity Avenue to make the bike ride more comfortable and safe on Trinity Avenue.  Thanks City of Decatur for making streets complete and providing alternative transportation options.   

2 Responses to Bike Lanes Being Installed on Trinity Avenue

  1. Steve Sadler says:

    Signs, signs, everywhere signs
    Clogging up the scenery, breaking my mind
    Do this, don’t do that, can’t you read the signs?

    Unfortunately I can, cause they are right outside my living room window. Love the bike lanes, like the on street parking opportunity, but apparently some clown at the DOT has not realized that this is a neighborhood and not the downtown connector. Is it really necessary for a neon yellow sign the size of the state of Georgia be used to mark a cross walk. Wouldn’t a simple stencil in the road have done the trick. Does it take four (two on each side) to mark a cross walk. Seriously, this is not necessary, and is certainly not attractive. West Ponce de Leon Ave is the entrance to our fine city and all anyone is going to see is neon yellow, because the scenery is being blocked by SIGNS.

  2. Dick Atur says:

    Has anyone seen the traffic nightmare that these bike lanes have already caused during drop-off and pick-up at the Saint Thomas More School? Plan on going nowhere fast if you have to be anywhere near that school during these times of the day. City planners had their heads up their posteriors when they designed these without allowing for normal rush hour traffic. They cut down Trinity from four lanes to two, thereby causing the parents who drop-off and pick-up their kids to que on the street and take up the only lane the city left them. What a bucnh of horse manure this turned out to be!

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