Thanksgiving Family Fun

A whole week off of school and the children (and parents) are getting restless. Here are some fun activities for the family:

Take a Treasure Hunt Walk around the neighborhood. Have your children make a list of things to look for such as: A yellow house, a running dog, a black cat, a red car….you get the picture.

 The City of Decatur offers 6 walking routes.

For craft and family game ideas, click here. The site offers some fun games such as Chopstick Pass along, Cross the Sea, Wall Football and Name That Turkey Tune.

Click here for the story of Thanksgiving to share with the family. After reading the story, have the children (and adults too) draw pictures to illustrate it.

Map out the Pilgrims travels on a printed map, globe or googlemaps.

Get outside and play a game of football, soccer or tag. Introduce your children to the “old” games you played as a child like “Mother May I”, Freeze Tag, Hopscotch, Stick Ball, Relay Races… get the picture.

Get some sidewalk chalk and set the family free to “decorate” the driveway or sidewalk. You can probably pick some up at the Dollar Store.

Pull out those board games gathering dust. Nothing like a good game of Monopoly, Parcheesi or LIFE to get the family interacting and laughing. (I still have my game of LIFE from second grade! It is fun to see how the salaries have changed over the years.)

Most important, take some time to enjoy your family and friends. Thanksgiving is the time to reflect on the wonderful things in your life.

Eat well and stay active!

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