Volunteer for East Lake Water Station for the Marathon


From Laura Moore- four year captain of the East Lake Water station for the Publix Marathon:

For the 4th year my family is heading up the water/Gatorade station at the 11 mile mark of the Georgia Marathon that passes through the City of Decatur.  We are at mile 11 – right across from the East Lake Marta station on College Avenue.  

 The date is Sunday, March 20th.  Volunteers have to be there at 7 a.m. (I know, that is early, but Auguste BEGS to get up each year to help me meet the supply truck at 5:30 a.m., which proves it is FUN!!!).  The last runner comes by at about 9:45, so you are usually done in plenty of time to go to church! 

 I got a late start this year staffing my station and could use your help!  Please consider signing yourself and your family members up!  You get a cool t-shirt and a lot of memories! 

 Here is how: 

Go to http://doitsports.com/volunteer/join-protected-group.tcl?event_id=174848 

In the drop-down menu pick Decatur/Oakhurst 

Enter do11 as the password 

Fill out all of the info you are asked – voila!  You are done!

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