Safe Routes to School

Lisa Mauldin and Active Living Director Greg White

Everyone is getting ready for the start of the school year, including Decatur Public Works, Decatur Active Living and our Safe Routes to Schools volunteers. We have been working on making the walking and biking routes to school safer. In conjunction with the City Schools of Decatur, we are doing a pilot program with the new 4/5 Academy at 5th Avenue: marking the recommended safe routes with sidewalk markers. Look for crosswalks to be restriped and curb cut ramps to be installed around the city. A map of the recommended Safe Routes to School will be posted online at both the City Schools of Decatur and City of Decatur websites.

3 Responses to Safe Routes to School

  1. Greg White says:

    I like how the SRTS markers look on the sidewalk. Thanks to everyone for making Safe Routes to School a success.

  2. Peter Helfrich says:

    Just FYI… Many / most of the recently installed markers throughout Oakhurst and Winnona Park are now gone due to the City’s sidewalk refurbishment project (eliminating curbs at corners); they were jackhammered up with the rest of the sidewalk. Any plan to replace them? Depending on how extensive the sidewalk project turns out to be, there may soon not be any markers on this side of town.

    • Cheryl Burnette says:

      We plan on replacing them this Thursday morning. It was actually our mistake (we were a bit overzealous in our gluing), and we didn’t lose too many. This project was a joint effort of many, including the City Engineer. In fact, he and I will be gluing the new ones down.

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