Decatur Recreation Center Construction- Week 4

Decatur Recreation Center Construction enters week four and the process continues to be amazing.  I had a chance to see some of the gym floor being cut out last week and I started to reflect on all of the community activities that Decatur Active Living has hosted.  Check out the list below:

1. Decatur Youth and Adult Basketball Games

2. Senior Aerobics

3. Decatur High School Basketball Games

4. Country Dancers Jamboree

5. Nike Teen Women’s Summer League 

6. Decatur High School Volleyball Games

7. Line Dancing Jamboree

8. City of Decatur Health Fair

9. Youth Sports Parent Meetings

10. Halloween Carnival

11. Summer Camp Staff Orientation

12. Family Reunions/Community Rentals

13. Playgroups

14. Decatur High School Baseball Practice (Rainy Days)

15. Lacrosse Practices

16. Children’s Arts Festival

17. Decatur Book Festival – Children’s Event

18. Book Signings- Little Shop of Stories

19. Atlanta Symphony

20. 2011 Ice Storm the gym was opened to residents to come out and play.  Families and teens merged on the gym during those icy days.

21. Garage Sale

22. Mike Glenn Hearing Impaired Camp

23. Carter Wilson ” Fastbreak Basketball” Camp

24. Badminton Play

25. Table Tennis Play

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  1. Cheryl Burnette says:

    There is a lot of history in that building. Love seeing this photos Greg.

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