Self-Defense Class Offered Through Fleet Feet Decatur and 9Round

From our friend Clay at Fleet Feet Decatur:

Do any of these ever apply to you?

a) Run early, b) Run late, c) Run alone, d) Feel a little weird about a person, car, situation when you are not running.

Typically, we push these thoughts to the back of our mind, but helping with personal safety is one of the most important things we can do.

Our nice friend, CJ Pascuzzo, who is the franchise owner of 9Round ATL-Decatur,  volunteered to set up a Saturday session on Self Defense with a self defense instructor and a Dekalb County police officer. It is a “scenario based” training approach. The class will be held on Saturday, July 12 at 2 pm at 9Round. 9Round is located next to the “big” Kroger at 2899-B North Decatur Rd, Decatur, GA 30030.

To offset the costs CJ needs $10 from you when you attend, but if you sign up in advance (this helps with planning too) you’ll get a $10 Gift Card to Fleet Feet Decatur so essentially it costs you nothing!

Advance signup at

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Diva Night at Fleet Feet This Thursday

Diva Night, “A Night on the Town” will be held this Thursday, June 6th at Fleet Feet Decatur from 7 until 8:30 pm.

Calling All Divas! It is that time of year again, Fleet Feet Sports hosts Diva Night, a ladies-ONLY evening devoted to pampering and entertainment! 

You and your girl friends are invited to spend a “Night on the Town.” Spice up your active wardrobe. They will help you find some fun new styles and accessories. An evening of refreshments, giveaways and tasty treats while you tend to your Diva needs.  Sign up today!

The night will feature wine and appetizers, a Fashion Show, raffle and 20% off apparel and bras. Be sure to sign up here so they will know you are coming.


Dehydration: Why You Want to Drink Lots of Water

Clay from Fleet Feet in Decatur sent out some great information on staying dehydrated.

The weather is changing, the temperatures are increasing – beware of dehydration!  

  • By the time that you are thirsty, you are already dehydrated
  • With dehydration comes many unpleasant manifestations, including muscle cramps, fatigue, faintness and overheating
  • A THIRSTY MUSCLE IS A TIGHT MUSCLE. And tight muscles can lead to painful joints!
  • Dehydration is related to heat exhaustion when body temperatures get too high.

Hydration Tips:

  1. FIND A BASELINE FOR YOUR SWEAT RATE – Weigh yourself before and after a run to establish how many pounds/hour you lose.  You will need to drink to replace what you lose – a pound is equivalent to 16oz of liquid
  3. WHAT AND HOW MUCH YOU DRINK IS DETERMINED BY MANY VARIABLES – These variables include length of run, temperature, pace and your conditioning.   It takes about 2 weeks of training to acclimate to hot weather and that generally means you will sweat more in order to keep the body cool. 
  4. DRINK SMALL AMOUNTS AT ONE TIME, BUT DRINK OFTEN – This will allow for proper absorption.  A drink that has electrolytes is recommended for runs over 40 minutes because it increases the fluid absorption rate into the body. This means you need to CARRY FLUIDS with you using either handheld or belt bottles. 


Wanted: Volunteer Runners for Future Mizuno Product Development

Fleet Feet sends along this information for runners: 

Mizuno will be conducting extensive testing at Druid Hills High School, in Atlanta, from June 26-28 and they need your help. 

Due to the shoe samples we are testing, we can only accommodate testers that wear shoe sizes: Men: 8.0, 9.0, 10.0, 11.0 and 12.0     Women: 7.5 and 8.5  

The testing will involve  running in and evaluating a number of different shoes as well as high speed camera filming. The reason for the testing – make the best fitting, feeling and performing running shoes in the world. 

If you have ever wondered how running shoe companies decide to improve their shoes, come on out to Druid Hills High School and see how Mizuno does it. The testing will take approximately 60 minutes and each volunteer will receive the peace of mind that they did their part to improve shoes for all runners, along with a special gift from Mizuno. 

All participants need to be healthy enough to run on a track, on and off for approximately 45 minutes and wear comfortable clothes to run in


To sign up, please go to

Thank you in advance for helping us continue to provide you with Brilliant Runs.
If you have any questions, please email

Glenlake Pool Open- Monday, May 28

Decatur residents for your active living experience Glenlake pool is open today from 10am-6pm.  Special thanks to Dynamo Pool Company for working diligently to get the pool open today and the City of Decatur.  Enjoy the pool and have a great Memorial Day.  During the summer please visit Glenlake, Ebster or McKoy pool as you stay active.  For more information visit

Kids and Teen Arts Festival/Bike Valet Service at the Decatur Arts Festival

Saturday, May 26    10am-2pm  First Baptist Church of Decatur (308 Clairemont Ave)

The Decatur Kids/Teen Arts Festival returns again this year to the spacious front lawn of the Decatur First Baptist Church on Clairemont.  Children 0-13 can enjoy activities that include arts and crafts, a rock wall, inflatables, balloon designs, music and more! In true Decatur tradition, the day starts with a Wacky Parade, Lineup begins at 9;40am at the corner of Commerce Drive and Church Street.  Decorate your stroller, wagon, bike and your family to show off your creative spirit.

Bike Valet

May 26 and 27 

New this year is free bike valet service.  A valet attendant remains on  duty to park and monitor bikes during the event.  The Decatur Arts Festival worked with the Atlanta Bicycle Coalition to provide this service.  The bike valet service is sponsored by Bicycle South and the City of Decatur.



Decatur Recreation Center Construction- Week 4

Decatur Recreation Center Construction enters week four and the process continues to be amazing.  I had a chance to see some of the gym floor being cut out last week and I started to reflect on all of the community activities that Decatur Active Living has hosted.  Check out the list below:

1. Decatur Youth and Adult Basketball Games

2. Senior Aerobics

3. Decatur High School Basketball Games

4. Country Dancers Jamboree

5. Nike Teen Women’s Summer League 

6. Decatur High School Volleyball Games

7. Line Dancing Jamboree

8. City of Decatur Health Fair

9. Youth Sports Parent Meetings

10. Halloween Carnival

11. Summer Camp Staff Orientation

12. Family Reunions/Community Rentals

13. Playgroups

14. Decatur High School Baseball Practice (Rainy Days)

15. Lacrosse Practices

16. Children’s Arts Festival

17. Decatur Book Festival – Children’s Event

18. Book Signings- Little Shop of Stories

19. Atlanta Symphony

20. 2011 Ice Storm the gym was opened to residents to come out and play.  Families and teens merged on the gym during those icy days.

21. Garage Sale

22. Mike Glenn Hearing Impaired Camp

23. Carter Wilson ” Fastbreak Basketball” Camp

24. Badminton Play

25. Table Tennis Play

Community Workshop: Pedestrian Safety Improvements

At Clairemont, Church Street and Commerce Intersections and Church Street Bicycle Lanes

 A community worshop to discuss alternative plans for pedestrian safety improvements at Clairemont, Church Street and Commerce intersections and Church Street bicycle lanes will be held on Thursday, January 12 from 6pm-8pm in the City Commission meeting roo of Decatur City Hall, 509 North McDonough Street, in downtown Decatur.  As part of the City’s capital improvements program, the purpose of the work is to improve safety and accessibility for pedestrians, bicyclists and others using these facilities.

The City has retaine the firm of Development Planning and Engineering to help plan the project, which will be partially funded through grants from the Georgia Department of Transportation.  An initial workshop to outline project goals was held in September.

The project is based on Decatur’s 2008 Community Transportation Plan and is a project in the 2010 Strategic Plan.  A major goal of the Community Transportation Plan is to encourage healthy lifestyles and active living in Decatur.

Keeping Yourself Injury Free

Join DeKalb Medical exercise physiologist and personal trainer, Curtis Williams, as he discusses the latest tips in injury prefventioin, maintaining optimal health in the foot and ankle and resistance training. Curtis has over 15 years experience and has been featured on CNN. He is an expert in his field and has first-hand knowledge of smart ways for runners and walkers to train.

The presentation is free and will be held at Fleet Feet Decatur on Wednesday, September 28 at 6:15pm. Fleet Feet is located at 431 West Ponce de Leon Avenue in downtown Decatur.

Clairemont-Commerce-Church Street Pedestrian Safety and Bicycle Trail Improvements

Monday, September 26 from 6-8pm

City Commission Meeting Room of Decatur City Hall, 509 North McDonough Street, in downtown Decatur 

The City of Decatur is considering options for pedestrian safety improvements to the Clairemont Avenue-Commerce Drive and Church Street- Commerce Drive intersections and for bicycle lane improvements on Church Street in downtown Decatur. The purpose of the work is to improve safety and accessibility for pedestrians, bicyclists and others using these facilities.

The project is based on Decatur’s 2008 Community Transportation Plan  and is a project inthe 2010 Strategic Plan.  A major goal of the Community Transportation Plan is to encourage healthy lifestyles an active living in Decatur.  The Decatur Community Transportation Plan is available on-line at: transportationplan

The City has retained the firm of Development Planning and Engineering, a planning and engineering design firm, to asssist with planning the project.   The project will be partially funded through grants from the Georgia Department of Transportation.   

For more information contact Hugh Saxon at 678-6507 or