Couch to 5K Begins January 18th

Looking for some motivation to get off of the couch and start running? Decatur Active Living is offering a free Couch to 5K program beginning on January 18th. We will start off slow, and build endurance over 8 weeks. And of course, we will have fun!

The group will meet on Mondays at 6 pm and Fridays at 8 am in front of the Decatur Recreation Center. Group members will also do a third run on their own during the week. Safety measures for COVID will be in place.

For more information contact

Move It Monday: Add More Life to Your Run

Monday run

Running has a significant impact on longevity. In general, runners have a 25%–40% reduced risk of premature mortality and live approximately 3 years longer than non-runners! And what is wonderful is that you can reap the benefits if you run at slow speeds for just 5-10 minutes. Running modest amounts each week will greatly improve your health.

Read more about the benefits of running on the Move It Monday blog.

Run Smart… Run Safe

Great safety tips from the Road Runners Club of America. Tips are great for walkers too!

Diva Night at Fleet Feet This Thursday

Diva Night, “A Night on the Town” will be held this Thursday, June 6th at Fleet Feet Decatur from 7 until 8:30 pm.

Calling All Divas! It is that time of year again, Fleet Feet Sports hosts Diva Night, a ladies-ONLY evening devoted to pampering and entertainment! 

You and your girl friends are invited to spend a “Night on the Town.” Spice up your active wardrobe. They will help you find some fun new styles and accessories. An evening of refreshments, giveaways and tasty treats while you tend to your Diva needs.  Sign up today!

The night will feature wine and appetizers, a Fashion Show, raffle and 20% off apparel and bras. Be sure to sign up here so they will know you are coming.


Holiday Running Playlist


 What are your favorite holiday songs to exercise to?  I know my list would have to include some of the songs from The Temptations Christmas Album.

We found this play list for runners (or walkers or just listening!):



Whatever you listen to, remember that exercising over the holidays will not only help you destress, but might also help fight off  holiday weight gain.


Helpful Links for Runners and Walkers

Training for your first 5K:  Overcoming Obstacles, article on AJC about training

Training for your First 5K: Six Tips for Training in the Heat, especially helpful in Georgia!

How to do the Run/Walk Method, good for those just starting out and for those who are looking for a different training method

Better Running Through Walking, based on Jeff Galloway’s methods

Six Tips for Walking a Race, for those of us who will probably walk most of the 5K

Decatur Running Routes , 10 Decatur routes that include elevation, developed by Decatur runners

Have fun, stay active, and be safe!

And if you haven’t yet joined Team Decatur, read all about it here.

Wanted: Volunteer Runners for Future Mizuno Product Development

Fleet Feet sends along this information for runners: 

Mizuno will be conducting extensive testing at Druid Hills High School, in Atlanta, from June 26-28 and they need your help. 

Due to the shoe samples we are testing, we can only accommodate testers that wear shoe sizes: Men: 8.0, 9.0, 10.0, 11.0 and 12.0     Women: 7.5 and 8.5  

The testing will involve  running in and evaluating a number of different shoes as well as high speed camera filming. The reason for the testing – make the best fitting, feeling and performing running shoes in the world. 

If you have ever wondered how running shoe companies decide to improve their shoes, come on out to Druid Hills High School and see how Mizuno does it. The testing will take approximately 60 minutes and each volunteer will receive the peace of mind that they did their part to improve shoes for all runners, along with a special gift from Mizuno. 

All participants need to be healthy enough to run on a track, on and off for approximately 45 minutes and wear comfortable clothes to run in


To sign up, please go to

Thank you in advance for helping us continue to provide you with Brilliant Runs.
If you have any questions, please email

Casting Call: Want to be on Television?

From Olympian Jeff Galloway:

Jeff is now taking his training program to television! We are shooting a pilot program February 28 – 29, 2012 and are looking for a few Atlanta area runners/walkers to be a part of this exciting new adventure taking place at Lake Lanier Islands Resort.  If you are available these two dates (the entire two days) please send in information on why you would like to and possibly need to work with Jeff.  We are asking for a few things from you to help us pick our runners:

1) Why you run or would like to begin running
2) How frequent and far are your run/walks
3) What challenges have you faced recently
4) What are your fitness/health/life goals
5) Confirmation that you are 100% available
6) Recent picture

We ask that you allow the camera crew one or two follow-up visits to your home or recreation location after this primary shoot is over to check on your progress.  There will be no compensation for your participation but you will receive one night of accommodations at Lake Lanier Islands Resort if you choose to stay there.  Food and beverage will also be provided.  We will be looking at runners of all ages and abilities.

If you are interested, please send your response to

If you are chosen, we will contact you by February 1, 2012. Thank you!

-Jeff Galloway Productions

Keeping Yourself Injury Free

Join DeKalb Medical exercise physiologist and personal trainer, Curtis Williams, as he discusses the latest tips in injury prefventioin, maintaining optimal health in the foot and ankle and resistance training. Curtis has over 15 years experience and has been featured on CNN. He is an expert in his field and has first-hand knowledge of smart ways for runners and walkers to train.

The presentation is free and will be held at Fleet Feet Decatur on Wednesday, September 28 at 6:15pm. Fleet Feet is located at 431 West Ponce de Leon Avenue in downtown Decatur.