Take A City Walk

Getting bored with your usual walk? Try taking a “City Walk”

  • Start off with an easy stroll/warmup for five minutes.
  • Increase your intensity for five minutes.
  • Find a bus stop or a park bench and do one set of tricep dips.
  • Do “city-block” intervals for the next five minutes: Alternate between a slower pace and a faster pace on each block.
  • Find a flight of stairs, and walk up taking two steps at a time. Push up through your foot as if you were doing lunges. Walk down and continue for one minute alternating up and down.
  • Do another set of “city-block” intervals.
  • Find a bench, tree, pole or wall and perform standing push-ups.
  • If time and energy persist, do five more minutes of “city block” intervals.
  • Find a pole, tree or wall and do one set of calf raises.
  • Cool down with an easy five minute stroll.
  • Be sure to stretch out your legs when you are done.
  • Have fun!!

Ideas from The Walking Deck by Shirley Archer,published by Chronicle Books.

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