Centre College Lacrosse team pairs up with Decatur Youth Lacrosse

Connor Stubbs former DAL and DHS Lacrosse player

Decatur’s very own Connor Stubbs, who started his lacrosse years in Decatur Active Living lacrosse program (and former lacrosse player for Decatur High School) came home to give back to Decatur Youth Lacrosse.  Not only did Connor come but he brought his entire college team with him.

Centre College (the Colonels) from Danville, Kentucky conducted a lacrosse clinic for the Decatur Youth Junior and Senior Lacrosse Players.  Centre College had the opportunity to use Ebster as a practice site for their upcoming lacrosse game. After completing their practice the team returned to conduct an hour and a half lacrosse clinic for Decatur Lacrosse players.  The players had the opportunity to learn new skills and fundamentals.  Centre College players were amazed by the number of kids that came out to the clinic.  They were also impressed by the Decatur Lacrosse skills that they witnessed. It was hard to tell who was having the most fun, the  College Players or the Youth Players.

Coach Severns indicated that he will keep his eyes on Decatur Lacrosse players for future Connor Stubbs.

"Thanks Centre College"

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