Decatur Bicycle Suitability Map is Here!

Decatur Active Living and Bike Decatur have been working on a Bicycle Suitability Map and it is here! The map, a partnership between the two, identifies roadways using three bicycle difficulty rankings with the intention of assisting cyclists in choosing suitable routes to desired destinations. Thanks to cartographer Jeff McMichael for creating the map, as well as to Bike Decatur and the many bicyclists who participated in its development.

You can download the map here, or stop by Decatur Active Living at Beacon Hill, Bicycle South or Decatur Bikes to pick up your copy. Maps will be distributed throughout the city at many businesses in coming day and weeks.

2 Responses to Decatur Bicycle Suitability Map is Here!

  1. maryflad says:

    I’m not a biker but the map sure LOOKS good.
    Hmmm, does anybody around Decatur do daily or weekly bike rentals?

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