Walk, Roll and Recycle at Clairemont Elementary

ben kaplan recycling

Peter Wakefield, Parent School Champion with the Safe Routes to School Program at Clairemont Elementary shared some fun news.

Our natural world and our neighborhood must be a lot cleaner after yesterday’s Recycle Walk&Roll. The Clairemont Crew filled up two recycling bins with litter they found along the way. And, to quote Cole Westing, “It was awesome!” Great job, Clairemont Crew. Thanks again to Ben Kaplan for the recycling idea. Their next Walk & Roll to School Day is Wednesday, March 6, which is also Georgia Walk & Roll to School Day. Clairemont will compete against other Decatur schools for the Ruby Slipper Trophy for having the most walkers and rollers.

It is so great that the children in the community are concerned about recycling and coming up with ideas on their own. Congratulations to Ben for his idea and for the school community for encouraging creativity.

For more information on Safe Routes to School in Decatur, click here.

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