Good Measure Meals Coming to Decatur Recreation Center

Good Measure Meals and the City of Decatur are partnering to  provide healthy meals; the Decatur Recreation Center is now a pick up point.

Since 2004, Good Measure Meals has provided sound nutrition in ready-to-eat, freshly prepared, gourmet-quality meal plans. Their chefs and dieticians collaborate to create menus that are unique and incorporate a wide variety of the healthy ingredients and nutrition recommendations promoted by the US Dietary guidelines and the American Diabetes Association. Every day they show that healthy food can indeed be tasty and satisfying.

All you do is go to their website, select the meal plan that works best for you, and then pick up your food on  Mondays and  Thursdays at Decatur Recreation Center. They offer four menu options and you can choose either one, two or three meals per day. The price varies depending on the meal plan you select.

Save Today!! $30 off a 4-week plan or $10 off a 1-week plan on your first order. Use promotion code BR10 when ordering.

Place your order online at or call 404-8915-7695.


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