Volunteer to CATCH Healthy Habits

Get Kids Moving and Eating Healthfully this summer.

Volunteer to CATCH Healthy Habits!


The CATCH Healthy Habits Program allows you to make a difference in the life of a child, in your community, and improve your health, too!  In the CATCH Healthy Habits Program, adults age 50+ teach children in grades K-5 healthy habits for a lifetime. The children and adults have a lot of fun as they learn together how to stay healthy and fit. Volunteers work together in teams, so you are never by yourself. All training and class materials are provided free of charge.

CATCH classes are one-hour long and are conducted once a week for a period of eight weeks. This summer CATCH classes will be held at several locations in the Atlanta metro area beginning the week of June 3 through the week of July 30.  Volunteer training will be held May 22 and May 23 at the Villages at Carver YMCA, in southwest Atlanta.  CATCH Healthy Habits is a wonderful way to improve your health and celebrate healthy living in your community, so join us! To volunteer or receive more information about the CATCH Healthy Habits Program, visit the CATCH Healthy Habits website www.oasisnet.org, or contact Mary Newton at ARC at 404-463-3119 or mnewton@atlantaregional.com.  CATCH Healthy Habits- It’s Contagious!

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