Most People Like to Track Their Workouts

Most people like to know how far they have walked, biked or run. A couple of us at Decatur Active Living have been using the Endomondo app to track our walks, bike rides and even yoga. You may want to check it out. You can enter your workouts on their website and/or track with a phone app. For a bike ride, you just turn the app on and it will let you know how far you rode, save your route, estimate the calories burned and more. Same for runs or walks. For other activities like yoga, weight training and indoor cycling, you simply go to the website to enter. Great way to keep track of your workouts. Check it out here.

If you are a cyclist, you may want to consider joining the National Bike Challenge and join the Georgia Bikes team. Whether you are commuter who does short rides or a long distance rider, all your miles count. It’s free, and who knows, you may even win a prize!


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