Bike Safety for Commuters Quiz

RV-dmvjj_400x400Georgia Bikes, our state advocacy organization, offers many resources for cycling. They even have a Bike Safety Tips for Commuters Quiz. You can take that quiz by clicking the link on their home page. You can skip the part where you give information about yourself if you like.

I bet you can score 100%!

Check out their website for this and other bicycling information. They are a great resource.

Tips for Driving Around People on Bikes


With more and more bikes on our streets, it is important for drivers to know how to drive safely around cyclists. These safety tips come from our friends at Georgia Bikes.

  • Give bikes at least 3 feet of safe distance when passing or following. The State of Georgia has a Three-Foot law.
  • Bicycles are vehicles and allowed on all roadways.
  • When making turns, watch for and yield to people on bikes.
  • Do not park in or block a bike lane.
  • Check mirrors before opening doors, especially if parked  next to a bike lane.
  • Be alert, cautious, and attentive when driving. Do not drive distracted.

For more information on cycling in Decatur visit


Bike Safety – Let’s All Ride Safer!

Thanks to our friends at GA Bikes for this quick overview of bike safety. Take a minute to watch it and feel safer on the road.

Silver Spokes May 17; FREE cycling refresher May 14

EVO trike 7speed imageSilver Spokes is a *pilot* senior tricycling program using adult tricycles that help maintain good balance and support those with mobility challenges. Several cities are starting these programs with their active adult and senior populations. We also invite patrons with their own bikes or trikes to come and ride with us each week. We’ll begin on May 17 and bike together on Tuesdays at 10am.
So, now’s your chance! If you’re an active adult or senior and want to try a new thing (okay sort of new, you probably all did this way back in the day), riding a tricycle, then join us! And if you are a little rusty and just want to get back on your own bike and ride with friends on a path, join us. Both groups are encouraged.
Senior bike class4NOTE: We require that each person prepare for Silver Spokes by attending a FREE bike-to-basics refresher course May 14 @1PM here at the Rec Center. Sign up here to let us know how many Georgia Bikes safety booklets to provide and our instructor will be the 2016 national women’s bike education award winner Nedra Deadwyler of Georgia Bikes!
p.s. even if you arent planning to join Silver Spokes but just want to take a bicycling refresher course, join us, this special session on 5/14 is FREE, compliments of Georgia Bikes bike safety outreach program.
After the refresher course, and starting on May 17, our Silver Spokes class will meet Tuesdays at 10am. The tricycles will stay here at our gym, so please reserve 1 of 3 tricycles with Tracie (678-553-6559) to ride on our adjacent PATH during class. We bike with you and revisit the rules of cycling and go out for short path rides to practice our skills and get back in the flow of biking. Join any week and we’ll keep it simple and basic until next Fall at which point we might try something new once we see how the pilot goes.
Helmets are provided. $5 fee is due each week you come to ride. Limited enrollment of 3 tricycles, and a limit of 6 friends with their own bikes can attend for free and ride along with us, in fact we encourage you to bring a friend.
Thanks to our partners at Georgia Bikes! and Decatur Bikes!

Dates to remember:

May 14 – bike to basics refresher course and review of rules booklet in our gym 1pm
May 17 – silver spokes class 10am
May 18 – test ride a tricycle at the senior picnic at Glenlake Park 11am
May 20 – test ride a tricycle at ‘bike to work day’ out front under the flagpole 7-9am

Troubling Safety Stats for 2013

From the Georgia Bikes blog:


Bicycling is not a dangerous activity, but we live in a state where road design and roadway behavior can lead to tragedy.

As 2013 draws to a close, let us remember all of the Georgians, and visitors to Georgia, who have lost their lives while riding a bicycle. This year, bicyclists represent 2.4% of all traffic fatalities in the state, and the total number of bicyclists killed on our roadways has been rising since 2011. With your help, we will reverse this disturbing trend and create a Georgia where all roadway users are confident that they can safely return home to their friends and family.

Every incident reflected above is different, and pinpointing “blame” can be slippery, but we do know a few things for certain:

  1. Both motorist and bicyclist behavior can contribute to dangerous situations that lead to tragedy.
    If you’re driving a motor vehicle, pay attention to driving the motor vehicle. A moment’s inattention transforms a car or truck into a devastating weapon. Give cyclists at least three feet when passing (or following), and if it’s not safe to pass, don’t. A few seconds delay is worth saving a life, every time.
    When traveling by bicycle, ride predictably, and make every possible effort to increase your visibility with hi-vis clothing and bright front and rear lights, even in the daytime. Choose your routes carefully, and, whenever possible, opt for roads with low-speed traffic, good sight-lines, and quality bike facilities. If roads are too narrow to share safely with automobiles, take the lane to increase your visibility. Ride defensively.
  2. The single best way to improve bicyclist safety long-term is to get more people riding. The more people on bikes that motorists see, the more likely they’ll be courteous and careful when following, passing, or turning.
  3. The best way to accomplish #2 is to create safe, welcoming bicycling conditions for all ages, skill-levels and abilities. Physically separated lanes, aggressive intersection treatments, pavement markings, convenient bike parking and bike boulevards are proven approaches to increasing ridership.
  4. The best way to address #1 and accomplish #3 is through informed, strategic bicycle advocacy. Support your local organization, donate to or join Georgia Bikes, and, if federal policy is your thing, support the League of American Bicyclists, too. We’re all working to make sure that Georgia is a safe, inviting place for all types of bicycling.

Want a Bike Friendly Georgia? Of Course You Do!

2013 Georgia Bike Summit presented by Tony Serrano Century Ride and Georgia Bikes!

GBS13_Save_the_Date_card-SATWant a bike friendly Georgia? Of course you do! This summit is for citizens, planners, cyclists, designers, engineers, elected officials, and more.

Learn how to make it happen in Roswell October 19-20th at the 4th annual statewide conference dedicated to improving bicycling in Georgia!
Join fellow advocates for Summit workshops that will discuss how to create bike friendly conditions, contributing to a strong new economy for Georgians.
Hear keynote speaker Jim Sayer of the Adventure Cycling Association, meet like-minded people from across the state at New Belgium-sponsored social events, and enjoy on and off-road rides in Roswell on Sunday, October 20th!
For more info, visit
Spend Friday and/or Saturday soaking up all the knowledge and expertise on cycling’s impact on the Georgia economy and then Sunday get out and ride to be a part of it! Also dont miss the socials in the evenings.
Decatur Active Living will be there, hope to see you too!

Most People Like to Track Their Workouts

Most people like to know how far they have walked, biked or run. A couple of us at Decatur Active Living have been using the Endomondo app to track our walks, bike rides and even yoga. You may want to check it out. You can enter your workouts on their website and/or track with a phone app. For a bike ride, you just turn the app on and it will let you know how far you rode, save your route, estimate the calories burned and more. Same for runs or walks. For other activities like yoga, weight training and indoor cycling, you simply go to the website to enter. Great way to keep track of your workouts. Check it out here.

If you are a cyclist, you may want to consider joining the National Bike Challenge and join the Georgia Bikes team. Whether you are commuter who does short rides or a long distance rider, all your miles count. It’s free, and who knows, you may even win a prize!


Georgia Rides to the Capitol Tuesday, March 26

Join us for Georgia Rides to the Capitol on Tuesday, March 26. We will be leaving the East Lake MARTA Station at approximately 10:3oam. Decatur City Commissioner Fred Boykin will lead the Decatur leg of the ride. For more information and to register (you get a free reflective leg band if you do) click here.