Local Team of 5 Citizens Tries Bike Commuting


Our city is friendly for bike commuting, or at least has growing infrastructure to support the effort: bike lanes, bike racks, sharrows (that symbol of an arrow over a bike that indicates share the route), off road paths, bike shops, traffic calming, and bike boxes. More will come if we use it, and that’s the way things always work right? If you build it they WILL come. So, here WE are: a team of 5 Decaturites who are trying bike commuting for the month of October, and 3 of us for the first time. It’s all part of a fun metro area Bike to Work challenge led by Clean Air Campaign, full story at the link below.

Team photo will come next week when we all meet face to face for the first time. That’s right, we don’t even all know each other, but we are all interested in trying this new transportation alternative in a supportive friendly environment so we formed a team, as have many across the metro area. Check out the fun team names at http://www.atlbiketowork.org/ and keep an eye on us ‘Decatur Active Living Wheels’ and note that although the challenge just started, we are in 2nd place!

So, stay tuned to meet Laura the teacher, Zach the planner, Cheryl the community leader, Paul the bike shop guru, and me Tracie the active living champion. We’ll let you know how it goes and you let us know if you are out there bike commuting too!


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