Wondering how to keep walking yearround even in cold weather?

ImageTake a look at the 10 tips offered here in the Walk with a Doc Newsletter. Good morning! The weather will be getting a little brisk soon and we want to tackle this now. There are too many April and Mays filled with patients saying they are getting ready to walk, but it’s been “too cold”. Not this year sister. Not on our watch.

If you are unprepared, sure – it stinks. But, we’re all better than that. Let’s throw on a hat, some gloves, your favorite fleece, and let’s go! It sure beats walking in 97 degrees – doesn’t it? These people in the picture are very small, but trust me they’re smiling and they’re happy. Why? Because they’re outside. Here are some great tips for our fellow northerners. See you out there this winter and note our special walk on 11/13 is at the Decatur Cemetery, hosted by the Friends of the Cemetery who’ve put together an intriguing tour of docs!

Walking tips
Ready to get moving outside? Here’s some advice that will help you stay safe and warm when you’re walking in winter.

Ease into it
Start slowly to give your muscles a chance to warm up.

Walk at a moderate or slow pace
Winter roads and paths can be icy. The bigger your strides, the higher your risk of falling.

Bring water
Don’t assume you only need water in summertime. Dry winter air is dehydrating, and you dosweat away water in winter — you just don’t always realize it.

Stay safe
In low-visibility and bad road conditions, you don’t want to walk where there’s traffic. Instead, head to parks, bike paths, high school tracks, or residential streets that draw very few cars. Always wear reflective gear. If it gets really cold, try walking at the mall.

Aim to wear three layers
“It’s better to have and not need,” says Nottingham. You can always peel the layers off.

Avoid cotton
“Try clothes made out of material that will keep moisture away from your skin, so you won’t get cold. Nike’s Dri-Fit clothes are a good bet,” advises Nottingham.

Don’t layer your socks
There’s a good chance you’ll get blisters that way. Instead, wear thin socks designed to keep feet warm (try Thorlo or SmartWool).

Wear gloves

Grab ski gloves if it’s snowing. A hat and a neck gaiter (a muff for your neck) will help keep you warm. If your ears, hands or head get too cold, go inside.

Protect your eyes
Wear sunglasses or, if it’s snowing, goggles with a light-colored lens, to protect your eyes from snow glare.

Try studded outdoor walking shoes
These give you extra traction on slippery surfaces. “Lightweight hiking boots are a good option, too,” says Culwell, “but stay away from heavy boots that are geared for climbing.”

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