Be Thankful for Warm Indoor Games and Activities over the Holidays

PlayOut Cards

PlayOut Cards

Happy Thanksgiving week everyone! With harsh weather headed our way for the holidays, we’ll all need to stay warm and cozy with our families and find ways to stay active indoors. To start we’ll hold our Walk With a Doc indoors this week on our upstairs track surrounded by windows and overlooking the gym classes. Join us Wednesday at 11am. Some of you may not have seen the track yet or even know that it is finished, so come check it out! On Thursday morning, if you aren’t volunteering at the Atlanta Half Marathon, then put on a hot pot of stew to greet those that are when they return home from the early morning event. Then turn on the Macy’s Day parade and see if you can all dance to the bands and performers, remember they walk/dance/perform the entire parade route.moving-back-middle

Also your family can check out our copy of the hot new family fitness game Playout. Created by a local lacrosse coach in our community, it’s an exercise card game where fitness is made fun. Put your strength, skills, and endurance to the test in 3 simple and unique games. Shown are 3 sample cards from the core, upper and lower body areas: dive bombers, side sliders, and windshield wipers. These range from a 1*, 2**, 3*** so there is something for everyone.

Create your own contests: play adults vs. children, boys vs. girls, locals vs. visitors or any way you want. You take turns drawing 30 exercise cards, 12 wildcards and see how you do. You can choose easy, medium, or hard levels of play, so yes, grandchildren and grandparents can both play together. Stop by and check out the cards. Use them over break and return the following week. Also find Playout on facebook. We will be closed Thursday and Friday this week.

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