25,000 Blog Views in 2013 from 142 countries, Thank You!

fireworksWe enjoyed the annual report on how many people our Be Active Decatur blog reached (25,000), how many photos we shared (330), and number of countries it was read from (142). And even though we didn’t post every day, there were there were 251 new posts and we learned which ones were most popular so we’ll be writing more about those topics. So, we thought you might like to see the stats too since you follow us. By the way, wordpress.com offers a blog site for free, so those of you who were thinking about starting one up, now is the time! Also, since this blog is synced with facebook, we’d also like to thank the 624 followers on our Decatur Active Living facebook page.

In short, either way you follow us, please continue to do so as we grow in 2014 and Happy New Year!

View that annual blog report with simple colorful graphics here: https://beactivedecatur.wordpress.com/2013/annual-report/

About TSanchez
Bike/ped/trail/active living champion!

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