Fitness Fails, Exercise Anywhere and More

2014Even if you do not make resolutions, you may be working on living a healthier and happier year in 2014. Here are some articles we found to get you thinking:

Read this interesting article on the and thought it was worthy of sharing. There have been a lot of new exercise “fads” so it is wise to select carefully. Sometimes the tried and true does work best.  Click here to read the article Fitness Fails: Exercises to Stop Doing in 2014.

If you are traveling, click here for information that helps you Exercise Anywhere, Anytime, No Equipment Needed.

You may want to read this article before you pick up that soda and hamburger. It may be okay to indulge every now and then, but regular indulgences may lead to obesity and poor health.untitled

Scientists have found that social norms influence food choices. This, in turn, can influence whether or not a person tends toward obesity or not. Who knew? Read about it here.

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Love practicing yoga? Here is even more proof that it is good for you, both body and mind.

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