Studying Nutrition at age 70? Why not, with Stridewalkers


Looking for some coaching and mentoring on health and wellness in 2014? Join Reggie Howze weekly on Tu/Th at 8am for a few laps around the indoor track, some philosophy on nutrition and diet, gentle calisthenics, and a few demos on juicing, teas, and other easy changes you can make to improve nutrition. Reggie is in his 7th decade, newly married, completing a masters degree in diet and nutrition, leading these free classes weekly and as you can see going strong! Last visit he introduced us all to carrot, apple, ginger juice. Come see what he has to offer. Tuesdays and Thursdays at 8am at the Decatur Recreation Center. Feel free to email him any questions now or in person. He’s here every week unless he has finals in college. 😉

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