Exhibit: Owls, the Symbol of Wisdom and Knowledge


Panola Mountain Owl Exhibit

Owls are a symbol of wisdom and knowledge…and active living? Many senior groups use the acronym to represent the active lifestyle they maintain e.g., Older, Wiser, Livelier Seniors. Either way we value owls and we wanted to share this event with you in honor of Greg’s mother for Black History Month. His mother worked in the library profession for many years and loved owls. He is sharing her personal OWL figurines collection with the community and invites you to share with others. Special remarks on Sunday Feb 2.

All during the month of February, the Decatur Library will exhibit the private collection of owls of Mrs. Lillian W. White (March 24, 1932-May 8, 2011), former librarian of the Durham County Library System and one of the first professionally-trained, African-American librarians in the state of North Carolina. Mrs. White is the mother of Greg D. White, Director of the City of Decatur’s Active Living Division. On February 2, 2014, 3:00 p.m., Mr. White and his sister, Sharon White, will host a brief discussion about their mother and her passion for owls.  The discussion will be followed by a reception and tour of the exhibit.

DeKalb County Public Library – Exhibit: Owls, the symbol of wisdom and knowledge.

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  1. Greg White says:

    Thanks Tracie for covering the owls and to honor my mother. She had a passion for owls and thanks for sharing with others.

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