Fast Track your Sparkling Health and Essence

sparkleNEW! Fast Track your Sparkling Health and Essence – a 28-day program at Decatur Recreation Center starting one week from today on February 7.

As women, our nature is to nurture. Unfortunately, we have been programmed to put ourselves last in line. As a consequence many feel tired, depleted, neglected and maybe even a little resentful. Ironically, when we start with us and make sure we nourish ourselves first, we have more to give. A sound self-care plan continues to generate vitality effortlessly and we become more magnetic and fun to be around!

With the wealth of information (and some confusing and contradictory) out there, it can be overwhelming to even know where to begin. This is where 28 Days to Fast Track your Sparkling Health and Essence comes in very handy!

Discover the important connection between self-love, self-acceptance and reaching your goals. In this 28-day coaching program, through experiential exercises, you will get in touch with your inner wisdom to better communicate with the body and find out what it really needs and explore the blind spots in your mindset that might be blocking you from self-nourishment, self-acceptance and self-love.

You will feel listened to, supported, valued, totally accepted and celebrated in a safe and fun environment.  You will come out with a personalized self-care plan, great healthy and tasty recipes and cooking tips, a toolkit you can use for the rest of your life to support your overall health and great friendships!

The world needs your feminine energy more than ever! It is time to let your sparkle shine bright and help heal the world, starting with your own world.

Sessions are held on Fridays at 11am starting Feb 7 thru Mar 7. Sessions are $40. Instructor and Integrative Nutrition Coach Rosie Milan will conduct. To learn more about her see

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