Nutrition 101 Highlights Rules to Live By and Trail mix recipe

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LnL talk N101Rachel Stroud, RD, LD of Good Measure Meals went back to the basics today for the Nutrition 101 talk and dispelled some myths. It’s always good to revisit life lessons we learned a looooong time ago in case there’s new learning. And there was for our class today.

For instance we learned that it really is crucial to have protein with 30 minutes after a vigorous workout; the muscles need to fill in the gaps and tears created by the workout with new protein to aid in recovery and repair. Think of the protein as filling cracks in muscles.

Also unless you are a marathon runner in need of tons of stored carbs for energy, you shouldnt intake carbs you cant burn that day. At first they are stored in your liver, but if your activity level is low and you dont use them, they’ll turn straight to fat! Since Nutrition 101 class immediately followed a popular senior aerobics class we offered a trail mix we made ourselves. We tried to focus on protein and less on carbs. We also chose fruits and nuts with no preservatives especially avoiding sulfur dioxide which is a common preservative that many people are allergic to.

We’ve summarized the learning below with the basic takeaways and our recipe.


Protein = 4 cals/gram, Carbs = 4 cals/gram and Fat = 9 cals/gram. For those of you counting, nothing else has calories.


Body = ~60% fluids, essential for life, focus on natural unsweetened fluids and those from raw fruits/veggies


GMM ratio = 50/30/20/ for carbs, fats, proteins intake. is the current model supported by GMM and the USDA. Full details are online.

Rules to live byTrailmix cart

Breakfast = fuel for your day not for sleep; Hydration = it can take up to 24 hours to rehydrate!; Fiber = focus on it and have 20-35g daily; Sleep, HALT


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Decatur Active Living’s trailmix recipe:

Walnuts, Sliced almonds, White chocolate chips, Bare Naked granola, Craisins (Blueberry & Cherry flavors), Apple chips, Yogurt covered raisins, Pretzel sticks, Diced red plums.

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