Healthy Monday: Give Dinner Time a Makeover

fork and knifeIs dinner anything but relaxing? Perhaps it’s time for a change!

Studies show that a relaxing dinner experience is beneficial to everyone, whether you’re eating alone or with your family.

To create a positive dining atmosphere, turn off all technology and eat at a table with place settings.

This week, schedule at least one relaxing dinner to enjoy time with your family and/or friends. The dinner doesn’t have to be perfect, as long as you’re enjoying the meal.

For more information on eating healthy and staying active visit Monday Campaigns.

2 Responses to Healthy Monday: Give Dinner Time a Makeover

  1. Janice with Pals says:

    Cheryl, you always come up with these brilliant ideas!!! I would have never thought that turning off all technology would relax me more as I eat dinner….wow!! Janice “Pals” (smile) have a beautiful day my friend….once I actually thought about it….it make sense!!

  2. Janice with Pals says:

    Well at least you put it out there for your co-workers to see…it is appreciated!!

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