KP Run/Walk 5k offers FREE bootcamp

Training to prepare for the 5k

That’s right, FREE training for the next 6 weeks to get you ready for the KP 5K event. Once you are signed up for the KP Run/Walk 5k (and hopefully join the Team Decatur sub-team) you will get an email offering you access to run clubs, walk clubs, fitness gyms and good old fashioned bootcamp in the park.

One of the walk clubs is right here in Decatur: Walk With a Doc meets every Wed @10am to walk a different 3-mile route each week. Another is at Fleet Feet. Another fabulous and fun option is FREE bootcamp. Yep, you can try the craze that everyone is drawn to and see if you like it.

10517477_699928366728818_5043532350256362104_nBootcamp in Piedmont Park

So, this week I’m reporting in on my visit to Bootcamp at Piedmont Park. Gin Miller is a personal trainer that KP arranged to lead the bootcamp, and boy does she motivate! About 30+ folks turned up at 7am at Piedmont Park this Saturday past. It was a cool morning and most of us were enjoying the temperature, but worried about looking like we were awake. Gin set the mood, the course, and introduced us to the motivators stationed at every fitness stop. She made it fun and it felt like a community.

5 fitness stations around the oval

The activity oval in the park is the location for the bootcamp and it’s a 1/2 mile sandy track. The goal was to get around the oval 4 times in an hour. Now I know some of you immediately think, that’s 2 miles and I dont think I can do 2 miles. Well you won’t even know you did they way they set it up. We started off at a walk/jog /run (your choice), and stopped every few hundred yards at a station to do an activity. The activities were simple ones that we all know, no weights were used, and coaches demonstrated proper form.

1 = jumping jacks, hip hinges

2 = squats, elevated push-ups on the rockwall ledge, lateral shuffle

3 = leg raises, plank for 30/45/60 sec.

4 = lunges on the steps, tricep dips on the steps, lateral shuffle

5 = crunches or situps

10586687_10103488617055300_408903674_oReps of 8,12, or 16 at each station

The reps were either 8, 12, or 16 depending on if you wanted to work out at the beginner, intermediate, or advanced level. It was all up to you to decide. And the coach would count for you if needed, like when you are holding a plank for seconds. Water breaks were recommended each time you completed the circuit. Some folks made it around 2 times, some 3 times, and several 4 times. I’ve been doing boot camp for a year now so i made it around 4 times, but the different and interesting thing was i loved this one, and the atmosphere was very positive, fun. and supportive. Folks were cheering each other on and working at their own pace. I know a lot of times we hate exercising because its challenging, but this was fun and we all felt great when we were done.

Cool down after 4 circuits

The lovely shaded pergola in the center of the activity oval was where we all gathered when the 60 minute bootcamp was over. We strolled around the inner circle for a few minutes just cooling down, drinking water and chatting with each other. Everyone was very encouraging and the coaches were constantly applauding our efforts and motivating us. Gin wrapped up the session with a group stretch of 2-3 simple standing stretches. then she offered a one week challenge to the group. Last week the challenge was give up bread for one week and see how you feel. This week the challenge is give up dairy for one week and see how you feel. Its only a week and small goals are good.

All in all, the class was very doable, no weights or fancy equipment. Just you, your two feet and arms, fresh air, and the beautiful backdrop of the city of Atlanta from Piedmont Park. There is still time to join in, sign up for the KP 5K today and you’ll get the invite. See you the next 3 Saturdays in the park and on Wednesday for Walk With a Doc in Decatur!

10563188_699927730062215_771579088973693544_nBonus: other free stuff in the park

p.s. there was tons of other great stuff to do at the park, all timed to occur just as we wrapped up bootcamp, so plan to stick around a little while and enjoy the following:

  • Green market farmers market featuring tasty samples, fresh produce, free massages etc.
  • Tai Chi in the park at 900am
  • Spin and splash at the pool at 800am
  • Capoeira demo in the part at 1200pm


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