Walking is the new thing

walk thereWell, not really new, but it sure is the hot trend leading off 2015. The NYT is promoting a lunch-hour walk, Everybody Walk is hosting a nation-wide walking summit, and of course we are leading walks every week for anyone who wants to join in. We are a group of about 15 adults, we walk about 3 miles each Wednesday at a normal pace. We seek out greenspace, use the sidewalks and the city’s walking tour routes, and stop for each other at red lights to catch up. We have a doc join us most weeks to lead the talk, and when they cant attend we walk anyway. So join us, its fun, social, fit, and easy.

And many events in our city are successful because they are based on walking. Here is one tomorrow from the Dekalb History Center: Civil-War-Walking-Tour.

Decatur features walk there signs with locations calculated in minutes to show you just how doable it is to reach your destination on foot. And if you count steps, there is a local fitbit user group you can join here.

Join in the new thing, walking in Decatur. All Walk With a Doc events are led by rec center staff and public safety personnel along with the guest doc every Wednesday at 1030am in cold weather, 1000am in hot weather.

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