Move It Monday!

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Simple exercise might be the way to go

Complicated fitness videos getting you down? Feeling overwhelmed from too many machines and too many workouts to record? Let us help you pare down and simplify your exercise routine and still keep your body happy and healthy.

Dance like a baby. It’s a new trend ushered in by modern dance groups and immortalized by Gwyneth Paltrow and late night show host James Corden. First, find a toddler! Put him or her in the middle of the floor and mimic every move. You’ll be dipping and diving, spinning on the floor, stomping your feet, and shaking your fanny. You’ll even get to walk like you have two-ton weights in your shoes. Like a toddler! A lot of good movement, with the joy of being completely unselfconscious!

Put down the wallet. Don’t even think about buying another piece of equipment. Use plastic water bottles filled with water and heave them overhead. Hold them while doing squats. Carry them while doing jumping jacks. Punch them forward like you’re boxing. As you get stronger, graduate to bigger bottles and more water. Just make sure you close the caps tightly!

Chuck the Stairmaster. You don’t need heavy equipment to work those glutes. Any stairs will do – in your office, in somebody’s else office, in the stadium. One study showed that just taking the stairs for about 13 minutes per day improves heart rate, breathing capacity, and HDL cholesterols. Even two minutes at a time, seven times a day, will meet your target.

Hide the car keys. Every day you probably run a million errands in your car. Rethink your routes and see if you can multitask by walking or jogging. Invest in a backpack or green bag to carry home groceries. In Manhattan, more and more people are renting Citibank bikes just to get to work. Less stilettoes, more sneakers!

Turn up da volume. Anything done to loud music doesn’t feel like exercise but still works up a sweat. Kick up your playlist, shut the windows, hide the mirrors, and rock out. Imagine yourself at your best jam and dance exactly the way you want to. One hour every day will not just tone your body, it will clear your mind. And leave you with that “What me, exercise?” smile on your face.

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