Congratulations to Jessie Hadley, SRTS Champion of the Year!

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Congratulations to Jessie Hadley, Safe Routes to School Champion of the Year for the metro area!

Jessie took over as Parent Champion at Winnona Park Elementary in Decatur for the 2014-2015 school year.  Mrs. Hadley immediately went to work to increase the numbers of walkers and bikers at the school. Jessie has a lot of energy and for International Walk & Roll day in 2013, 50% of the students participated and that number increased in 2014 to 56%.

The school holds special Walk & Roll Days the first Wednesday of each month, and the numbers remain consistent and even increase during the nice Spring weather. They also participate in Bike to School Day.

Jessie has used various ideas and methods to increase student’s participation. She created a special sign that they display the day before their Walk & Roll Days to remind both parents and students.

On walk days, the students all earn a marble upon arrival at school that is put into a special “Marble counter.” On GA Walk & Roll day this past March, the marble counter was overflowing so she had to add a bucket to collect the rest of the marbles! The school had the highest participation in Decatur for this special day and was awarded  our special “Golden Shoe Award” which was presented at a student community circle time.

Jessie has also recruited several parent volunteers to assist with the Walk & Roll Days.  Not only do the students receive the marbles and other incentives such as stickers, etc. but the parents are offered coffee and they love hanging out and visiting with each other.

Jessie has created a great feeing of community around Walk & Roll to School!

Congratulations to Jessie for a job well done!

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