Walk with a Doc – Saturday, October 14th at 10am


Saturday, October 14th

10:00 AM

Decatur Recreation Center

(231 Sycamore Street)

Dr. Kunal Gurav will be our visiting doctor. Dr. Kunal Gurav dreamed of being a doctor when he was in high school. “I’ve always enjoyed understanding and solving complex challenges, and I wanted to use my skills to help people heal,” Dr. Gurav says. Today, as an expert in cardiovascular medicine, Dr. Gurav spends time getting to know his senior patients so he can help improve their health in a personal way and prevent future issues. “It’s rewarding to learn from their lives and experiences, and also be a part of continuing their stories,” Dr. Gurav adds. (Taken from JenCare website)

In addition, Dr. Gurav runs a nonprofit organization called the Incredible Heart. Incredible Heart’s mission is to promote and increase cardiac disease awareness. We believe that physicians have a social responsibility for creating health awareness.

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