Puzzled Over What to Do? Try a Puzzle!

2a0050e764adfd5d07ed6bc0d7779a36_free-crossword-cliparts-cliparts-download-free-clip-art-free-_731-738Crossword puzzles are not only fun, but educational. Try doing one yourself or make it a family activity.

Here are some free puzzles that I found:

  • USA Today has a free online crossword puzzle. You can even select regular or expert. Keep doing these and soon you will be an expert! There are also links on the page for other games and puzzles.
  • JigsawPuzzles.com has a variety of free online jigsaw puzzles, as well as an activity for making your own puzzle. You do have to sign up to access this feature.
  • Care for a game of Mahjong? Crazy Games has it, along with a variety of other puzzles and games.
  • Google free puzzles and you will find a plethora of sites available.

Other Ideas:

  • Bust out the Scrabble game and play with the family. No scrabble at  home? Make your giant version using index cards or other paper you have around the house. You can even take this outside and draw the game board on the driveway with chalk. Use something heavier for the letter tiles so they won’t blow away.
  • Consider signing up for the PBS KIDS Dailynewsletter for ideas and activities.

Continue smiling and stay safe!

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