Enjoy Some End of Summer Fun!

Enjoy some ideas on how to end the summer with fun!

he-family-picnic-480Have a Family Picnic
Enjoy every last bit of the warm weather by packing a picnic over the weekend. Visit your local park , picnic int he backyard or take a trip to a small town outside of your city. Either way, enjoy the sunshine so the memory lasts well into fall.

Get Crafty
Want to welcome autumn in a chic way? Create your own fall-inspired front door wreath. They’re easy to make and can utilize all materials found in your own backyard. Take vines and berry leaves and get creative!

Take a Walk
Get off the hammock (or porch) and re-visit your fitness program for the new season. Best tip? Set a goal, whether it be a 2 mile walk or a 3 mile jog, write it in your calendar and keep it. Setting goals is an excellent way to commit to your health and overall well-being.


Fly a Kite
Buy or make a kite and take it to one of the city’s parks and fly it.

Cover your driveway or sidewalk in sidewalk chalk.
There’s more than one way to color outside (like ice chalkchalk paint, and even exploding chalk), so turn this afternoon activity into an all-day event.

Enjoy a family game night.
Pass GO and collect $200 before homework takes over your evenings again.

Start and finish a puzzle.
Let a challenging thousand-piece puzzle take over your dining table for a few days. It’s a great ongoing activity for rainy afternoons (or any other “I’m bored!” moments)

Watch the Penguins!



It can be a lot of fun to watch penguins as they explore their habitat. Enjoy watching some penguins at the San Diego Zoo. Or watch them swim underwater at the Aquarium of the Pacific. I found it very relaxing to watch them.

After watching the penguins, you can enjoy creating some penguin crafts found here.

Enjoy your homemade penguins while watching a movie about penguins.

And now it is time to do the Penguin Dance!


Visit a Museum – Virtually of course!


Take a virtual trip to museums around the world. Learn about some new artists and have fun seeing what great art there is in the world. Maybe one of them will inspire you to plan a trip for the future to see them in person!

Mentalfloss.com has a list of 12 World-Class museums you can visit virtually.

Visit the Metropolitan Museum of New York, and explore with their 360 project.

Take a tour of the Vatican in Rome without the crowds.

Or take a trip to France to visit Versaille!

Let us know in the comments if you have some other ideas.

Stay safe Decatur!


Leaf stencils

We’re going to flash back to art class and stencil leaves. Go outside and pick up a couple leaves. Grab a sheet of paper and a pencil or charcoal. Place the leaf under the paper and then start to shade! Try adding some different colors. You can cut them out and then frame them. Have fun!

Move It Monday: Make an Appointment for Fitness

mondayFrom our friends at MoveItMonday:

Exercise is vital to a healthy life. We all know it can be difficult to make time for it with a busy schedule. This week we share some ideas to fit fitness into your daily routine. Motivate yourself this Monday to make time for a workout – and continue throughout the rest of the week.

Try these 3 tips to make sure you don’t skip fitness this week

Make Your Own Board Game!

What a fun way to spend some time while stuck indoors. Make your own baord game!

Here is a video from the National Museum of Australia. They mention a downloadable template, however I was not able to find it on their website.



I found these instructions on Wikipedia on how to make a board game. This one might be better suited for older children as it has a lot of planning steps.

You might want to have different members of the family make games, and then have a game night to play them all.

Most of all- be creative and have fun!

Puzzled Over What to Do? Try a Puzzle!

2a0050e764adfd5d07ed6bc0d7779a36_free-crossword-cliparts-cliparts-download-free-clip-art-free-_731-738Crossword puzzles are not only fun, but educational. Try doing one yourself or make it a family activity.

Here are some free puzzles that I found:

  • USA Today has a free online crossword puzzle. You can even select regular or expert. Keep doing these and soon you will be an expert! There are also links on the page for other games and puzzles.
  • JigsawPuzzles.com has a variety of free online jigsaw puzzles, as well as an activity for making your own puzzle. You do have to sign up to access this feature.
  • Care for a game of Mahjong? Crazy Games has it, along with a variety of other puzzles and games.
  • Google free puzzles and you will find a plethora of sites available.

Other Ideas:

  • Bust out the Scrabble game and play with the family. No scrabble at  home? Make your giant version using index cards or other paper you have around the house. You can even take this outside and draw the game board on the driveway with chalk. Use something heavier for the letter tiles so they won’t blow away.
  • Consider signing up for the PBS KIDS Dailynewsletter for ideas and activities.

Continue smiling and stay safe!