Enjoy Some End of Summer Fun!

Enjoy some ideas on how to end the summer with fun!

he-family-picnic-480Have a Family Picnic
Enjoy every last bit of the warm weather by packing a picnic over the weekend. Visit your local park , picnic int he backyard or take a trip to a small town outside of your city. Either way, enjoy the sunshine so the memory lasts well into fall.

Get Crafty
Want to welcome autumn in a chic way? Create your own fall-inspired front door wreath. They’re easy to make and can utilize all materials found in your own backyard. Take vines and berry leaves and get creative!

Take a Walk
Get off the hammock (or porch) and re-visit your fitness program for the new season. Best tip? Set a goal, whether it be a 2 mile walk or a 3 mile jog, write it in your calendar and keep it. Setting goals is an excellent way to commit to your health and overall well-being.


Fly a Kite
Buy or make a kite and take it to one of the city’s parks and fly it.

Cover your driveway or sidewalk in sidewalk chalk.
There’s more than one way to color outside (like ice chalkchalk paint, and even exploding chalk), so turn this afternoon activity into an all-day event.

Enjoy a family game night.
Pass GO and collect $200 before homework takes over your evenings again.

Start and finish a puzzle.
Let a challenging thousand-piece puzzle take over your dining table for a few days. It’s a great ongoing activity for rainy afternoons (or any other “I’m bored!” moments)

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