Cycling Safely Around the City

The Atlanta Bicycle Coalition is offering free virtual bike classes. Register for the Virtual City Cycling Class on Wednesday, May 27, at 5:30 pm. This class will improve your experience and safety as you ride around the city.

Can’t make this class? Then check out some of the Smart Cycling videos from The League of American Cyclists.

Make sure your bicycle is in working order before taking it out for a spin by doing the ABC Bike check.

Air: Be sure you have enough air in your tires
Brakes: Look to see that your brake pads are not worn
Chain and Cranks: Pull on your cranks to see that they are not loose and look to see that the chain is not rusted and it is free of gunk
Quick Release: Make sure all quick releases are closed
Check: Take a slow brief ride to check that your bike is working properly


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