Celebrating Black History with Dr. Edwin Bancroft Henderson

“Dr. Edwin Henderson’s activities in physical education, civil rights, and writing were all intertwined, each complementing the other. He began his teaching career in Washington, D.C. in 1904, as the first Black instructor of physical education in the nation. At that time, no physical education on a formal basis was provided Black schools in Washington, D.C. In 1906, Dr. Henderson instituted the first Black school and college track meets. In 1907, he organized the first Negro athletic conferences and official groups. In 1925, he name Director of Health and Physical Education for Colored Schools in District of Columbia, a position he held until his retirement despite lucrative offers elsewhere. He was the first Black to receive the National Honor Fellowship in the American Association for Health, Physical Education, and Recreation.”

Reference provided by The Crisis, January 1985, vol. 92 excerpt from the book, Colors of Recreation.

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