Celebrating Women’s History Month

Georgia Recreation and Parks Association kicked off Women’s History Month a couple weeks early by hosting their second Women’s Leadership Summit in Acworth, GA. An inspirational two-day summit provided opportunities for women to hear from seasoned female directors, an up and comer director panel, the CEO of Cobb County, the District Attorney of Cobb County, a domestic violence survivor, and how to lead with a heart-centered approach. From across the State of Georgia, 125 women gathered in Acworth as a community to find inspiration amongst each other and recharge. As a first time attendee, Gael Doyle stated, “really enjoyed getting to meet other parks and recreation women, learn, and grow profesionally.” Greg White, an ally for the Women’s Leadership Summit, expressed “the importance of women to come together to network, discuss issues in the workplace as well as in life. The summit platform is an avenue for women to develop leadership skills so they feel empowered to step up in their agency and out into the community.”

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  1. Terri (Teresa) Kruzan says:

    Very important to continue to recognize and promote women in leadership in recreation. They have been doing the work on the ground for years!

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