Grandstories: A Book for Grandparents Written by Grandchildren


Photo from The Champion Free Press

We had the pleasure of meeting with young entrepreneurs Aishvarya and Vaishali Prahald, authors of the book Grandstories. Talk about impressive little girls! The girls wanted know more about their grandfather and their idea became a book. The book is designed for grandparents to fill in their history and pass on the book to future generations.

The girls began by selling the books to their neighbors and soon sold out. After a year of selling the books, Grandstories has been shipped to 18 countries!  The only continent where the book has not been sold is Antarctica. The girls give 10 percent of the proceeds to the Alzheimer’s Association at Emory.

Watch this video to learn more about the girls and their project:

Read more about the girls in The Champion.


Vaishali, Mom Neeraja, Aishvarya and Active Living’s Greg White talk about Grandstories.