Make Some Back to School Crafts!

Since school is starting virtually this year, your young student may want to create a fun learning space. Here are some crafts families can do to get ready for that big first day.

R2D2-pencil-can-680Photo from

Pencil Holders:
Your child can make this Mason Jar pencil holder for his/her own desk. Don’t have a mason jar? Use a can or other glass jar.

Is your young student a Star Wars fan? They can create and R2-D2 pencil holder to brighten up their desk.

Decorate your learning space:
Parents can make this Paper Roll Pencil and fill it with treats, erasers, or other school supplies for a first day of school surprise.

Make a Back to School Photo Frame to liven up the learning space.

Create a School Bus Kleenex Box cover and brighten up your desk.

Ideas for Teens:
Make a Back to School Bulletin Board with things you have around the house.

Create a Back to School Clipboard to keep track of important papers and assignments. You can use this idea, or get creative and design your own.

A Hanging Organizer is great for keeping things in their place. This one is really cute. You can even make it more colorful by adding some designs. If you prefer to have an organizer sitting on your desk, here is another idea.

A new mouse pad might add some fun to online learning. Learn to make a Floral Mouse Pad, or use any material that you enjoying looking at.