Hula hoops create a healthy appetite at Red Hatters’ and Active Adults meet up

Lisa Shaw and her hula hoops class from the Dekalb Medical Wellness Center performed 3 routines to music including Elvis and others at the Solarium July 30. Then the real fun started as the ladies of the Decatur Red Hatter’s Society, charter #37159, joined in and showed off their hooping skills. Many ladies recalled how to hoop and several learned for the first time. Reggie Howze, leader of our twice weekly Stridewalkers fitness and nutrition class at Decatur Rec Center cooled them down with some hip stretches and got all the joints moving. These active living moments are brief but they work if you include them in the fun every day. All that activity worked up an appetite for a healthy delicious local meal from Saba Restaurant of Tuscan Chicken Pasta, Zucchini & Carrot Lasagna, Caesar and Mixed green salads. Thanks to the Solarium in Oakhurst for hosting us this month. And join us anytime at the Decatur Recreation Center, (home of the Active Living team) as we meet monthly for both a Red Hatters Society meeting on the last Tuesday each month AND the Active Adults Club on the first Thursday


Decatur Red Hatters Crown New Queen

The Decatur Red Hatters held a Coronation last week at the Decatur Recreation Center to crown Queen Floretta. The women celebrated with lunch, musical entertainment,  and dancing. It was a joy to see all the Red Hatters having such a great time. They worked all morning long along with staff members to transform the gym into a setting “fit for a Queen”!

Queen Floretta